Salam, Hi, I am abida bano,

a devoted wife, proud mum and a carer. I work as a therapist and this is my story.

I was born and raised in a remote village of Pakistan. Me and my sisters were among the first few girls who managed to get education. There was no school, so my Mum started teaching us at home. I was lucky to have these marvellous parents. I inherited leadership skills from them.

I managed to open a library at the age of twelve. I organised events such as Pakistan Independence Day or Jamiat Talibaat gatherings.

I kept this passion throughout my education and even after marriage. I learnt these therapies and with grace of God, I've touched many lives for better.

I also have combined these therapies with Duas (supplications) and prayers to make them even more beneficial. I work with sincerity and respect for others.

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