Distance healing technique

To receive Distant Healing, you do not have to do anything. You do not need to be present during the Healing. The more you focus on any reactions the more you can block. Therefore it is better that we do not agree on the time for the healing. Reactions necessarily not come during the session however; they can come up to several hours / days later. I suggest you to read about reactions here.

The Healing will come to you when it suits you and it will often be later when you are asleep. The healing energy has its own intelligence and impact to find its way to the most appropriate place in body.

How many sessions you need depends on multiple factors and therefore can vary; some may feel improvement after one time, others after a week or two. If you do not feel anything, it does not mean that you are not receptive. If you have chronic ailments or have had complaints over a longer period it will usually take longer time to regain balance, and not everyone is equally sensitive to what is happening in their body. Four weeks or 20 times you should try before you possibly think of giving up, some even more. If within 20 times you feel a change or an improvement you should continue, if you are not already healthy. Best results will be achieved if you hold on to the reactions cease or until you are well. You can also prevent disease if you feel unwell.


Here is a résumé of the most common reactions one can have during and/or after a healing treatment.

One may experience hot and cold currents, prickling or numbness. One may feel heavy, light, queasy, dizzy, nauseated, tired, listless or full of energy. Other reactions are spontaneous movements and emotional reactions, crying, laughter, fever, vomiting, swelling of the fingers, increased level of pain during or immediately after healing - all of which disappear completely or partially. Some patients experience a vigorous cleansing via urination and/or bowel movement. Those who have used a lot of medication may notice that their urine smells of chemicals. Reactions may occur during the treatment or later, perhaps the following day.

Unpleasant reactions come and disappear within three days in most cases. There is no fixed pattern of reactions, they are individual and can vary from time to time. Most patients notice very little the first time but feel more in connection with subsequent treatments. Some people notice nothing at all but this does not mean that there has been no transfer of energy. The pain or problem can be lessened or completely gone the following day.

Some people experience a brief deterioration of the condition the days immediately following the treatment. This is not a "side effect" in the medical sense, but a sign that the body's own healing processes have been activated.

If, after a few treatments, you notice reactions and/or changes, it is a sign that you are receptive to healing. You should continue the treatment until the reactions disappear because these will continue as long as the sickness is in your body.

Being healed is like running a film backwards. You will not necessarily see improvement at once but may see that your symptoms change character. Many get symptoms and reactions they have had before, only in reverse order. This is because healing works on the source of the problem and not on the symptoms. The longer you have had the problem, the more deeply embedded it is.

Do not expect certain reactions. Presumption is dangerous. It can result in ingratitude and disappointment.

Come with an open mind and a positive attitude.